Surf Shack

Wake up to the waves, paddle straight out. This little but spacious one bedroom dreamy surf shack home right on the beach is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Bali.

Living room downstairs is equipped with a small kitchen. The bedroom upstairs has air conditioning and an outdoor on-suit bathroom. The private terrace in the front has an outdoor dining area, outdoor shower and space for barbecue or private lounge area.

Additional information:

During high tide the ocean can be loud but after a while you get use to the feeling of being close to nature and nothing better than the power of mother natures energy to revigorate your soul.

Monkey friends come from time to time make sure you close the doors and windows so that they don’t take your belongings. If you are nice to them they are nice back. Sometimes there is a Dougon/manity that comes out the front in the sea so don’t be alarmed if you are swimming and see something he is very gentle.

There are neighbours near by so you are not entirely alone. During low tide depending on the time of day the beach is usually empty. This beach is a sacred beach with spring water which you can see during low tide coming through the sand to the right of the house. The Balinese use this spring water to cleanse.

In the night local fishermen will come down and fish with their head torch this has been a cultural tradition in this area.

About The Area

Bukit peninsula is home to world class surf breaks such as Uluwatu and Padang pandang. There is surf in the area for all levels. Waves around are Nyang nyang, Uluwatu, Thomas beach, Padang Padang, baby padangs, impossibles, bingin, ballangan.